S.A.L.T. Certificate



Explore the foundations of Apostolic leadership and the essential groundings that produce sustainable, trustworthy leaders.

Emphasis is placed on actualizing leadership potential, defining ministry identity, remaining theologically grounded, and developing leadership integrity.

Discover doctrinal and relational boundaries in leadership.

Uncover what occurs when balance is lost in leadership and the impact this has on the leader, the church, and the future.

Learn the value of biblical boundaries and the blessing of God that comes with such boundaries.

Discover what leadership alignment means, how to relate to authority, and how to handle authority.

Grasp the concepts of rights and responsibilities in leadership and how to become servant leaders through spiritual alignment.


Explore the biblical doctrines of the New Birth, the Oneness of God, and biblical holiness.

An understanding of practical integration of biblical principles will be applied.



Explore the development of Postmodern Christianity and its effect on the religious world today.

Particular emphasis will be given to the distinctive Apostolic Doctrines that the New Testament declares to be normative for the Church today.

Grasp an understanding of John’s letters to the 1st Century churches and compare the doctrinal challenges of the 1st Century church to the current church context.

Discover the three building blocks of Apostolic Identity that defined the church then and now.

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