NTCC Associates

Associates Degree Plan

Year 1

  • Basic Doctrine – THEO 1303
  • Math/College Algebra – MATH 1301
  • Bible Study Methods and Tools – BIBL 1300
  • English Comp I – ENGL 1301
  • Spanish I – SPAN 1311
  • Homiletics – THEO 1311
  • Spiritual Development – GNED 1315
  • Psychology – PSYC 1301
  • Biology – BIOL 1301
  • English Comp II – ENGL 1302
  • Spanish II – SPAN 1312
  • Hermeneutics – THEO 1313

Year 2

  • Life and Times of Christ – BIBL 2301
  • Personal Evangelism – GNED 2301
  • Old Testament Survey – BIBL 2312
  • Systematic Theology – THEO 2313
  • Christian Ethics – THEO 2311
  • New Testament Survey – BIBL 2311
  • Systematic Theology II – THEO 2314
  • Keys to Success/Christian Living – GNED 2311

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