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Pursuing God’s will should not be interrupted by higher education; it should be part of it.

North Texas Christian College provides students hybrid or online programs to complete a nationally accredited degree.

Through a leading-edge partnership with Dallas Christian College, students may also receive degrees in Business, Psychology, Interdisciplinary Studies, Worship Arts, or Practical Ministry. Students may also be eligible for scholarships as well as federal financial aid, loans, grants, and military benefits through this partnership.

What NTCC Students Say

What NTCC Faculty Says

Receive your degree and stay at your church

Both the hybrid and online only options at NTCC were specifically designed for you!
Now there is a way to complete your degree while you remain a solid contributor at your home church.

Online education at NTCC is leading-edge, yet friendly.

We know the landscape of education has changed and this may be your first encounter using an online platform for your education.
Our friendly staff and students are a helpful resource who will patiently guide you through each platform we use at NTCC.

Now is the time and NTCC has the program.

Like countless others, maybe you started to further your education then life got in the way.
Thankfully the online and hybrid options at NTCC makes it easy to jump back in and pick up where you left off.